The Top Five Online Reputation Fails

By now, you at least have an inkling of the importance and necessity of maintaining a positive and alluring online reputation management program. Since 99% of the people you are acquainted with or meet now know to google any information that they are seeking, you not only want your identity to pop up whenever a relevant search is performed, but you want it to appear in the very best light possible.

First off, in order to maintain a glowing and attractive online reputation management for your business, you need to know the pitfalls which are the realities for every online presence, and how your internet reputation can become tarnished. So without further ado, listed below, you will find the top five online reputation fails:

  1. Bad Reviews – Bad reviews do happen. As your business grows, you will inevitably see more of them. Don’t take them personally. A negative review is your opportunity to look at your business from the customer’s side and, in most cases, improve your product. Failure to do so will almost certainly result in additional bad reviews.
  2. Mistreating Customers – Many large corporations treat new customers or those that are canceling better than their loyal, long-term customers. From an ethical stance, all customers are equal and there’s something to be said for loyalty. A customer that feels like their loyalty holds no value will most likely express their frustrations via the internet and negative reviews.
  3. Fraud – We all know that there are fake reviews on the internet claiming fraudulent practices. However, if your company is truly engaging in fraudulent practices, then that’s obviously a problem. If you have to commit fraud in order to make a profit, then perhaps it’s time to change your business model.
  4. Lawsuits – Lawsuits can play a big part in tarnishing a business’s online reputation. Public court records are all over the internet and are increasingly harder to suppress as their Domain Authority grows. If your company is involved in litigation, you must consider the possibility of negative press and what it can do to your reputation online.
  5. Negative Articles on News Sites – In most cases, articles published on the internet are there for the long haul. They do not simply disappear after X amount of months or years. The old adage that “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” certainly could apply in many cases but the shareholders of large corporations that lose market price due to these negative articles may feel differently.

Now that you know of the major hazards on the internet expressway, you can better prepare to defend yourself preemptively instead of keeping your fingers crossed and praying for continuing success and growth without becoming a target of your competitors and that small yet vocal group of inevitable dissatisfied customers who will insist upon having their say. You can completely control the effects of the first two possible obstacles to your positive online reputation. By practicing the maxims of treating all customers, especially your loyal base, like royalty along with responding proactively and with appreciation to any bad reviews which may come your way, you will go far in securing and maintaining a positive online reputation.

However, the final three snares that can damage your internet reputation are not in your control. This is the reason that Reputation Management Consultants exists and thrives. As long-term experts in this still new and evolving segment of internet marketing, we have consistently remained the pioneers and leaders in delivering the most optimized and successful online reputation management for your business. We can save your business thousands of dollars and help you build even stronger loyalty and following from your existing customer base while also helping you to dramatically improve your outreach to new prospects. Contact Reputation Management Consultants today for a complimentary consultation at 1-855-864-1607!


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