The Next Steps

The Next Steps: Managing Your Reputation

“What happens once my Inoculation Campaign is over?”

You may think that, once the contract terms end, our job is done. While it is true that the assets we create for you will continue to rank well, it is important to keep the momentum going.

While it should no longer be necessary to work as intensely as before, it will still be necessary to occasionally and consistently update these pages so that Search Engines continue to place importance on them. You can choose to take full control of the assets we create for you or continue working with us on a less intensive level.

Advantage of capturing your target audience

The high-ranking assets that you will have at the conclusion of your Inoculation Campaign can be assimilated into your own online Public Relations/Marketing processes. These assets, in addition to helping repair your online reputation, will have the added advantage of capturing your target audience!

Your clients, critics, business partners, and employees – whether former, current, or future can be assured of your reputation and directed to information that is relevant to them. We will help you leverage the assets we create in order to maximize their effectiveness in capturing potential new clients and business.

Proactive approach in reputation management

It will also be important to manage your reputation by monitoring the internet buzz about you. We can show you how to easily do this so that you can take matters into your own hand. Online Reputation Management (ORM) is an important key to improving your company’s customer service and/or your public image. This practice may consist of something as simple as keeping track of your keyphrases’ rankings or subscribing to RSS Feeds and downloading ORM software.

Managing your reputation is the more proactive approach while reputation repair is reactive. If a negative listing from before rears its ugly head again or someone starts attacking you again, we can quickly pick up right where we left off. Over time, managing and controlling your reputation should become easier and easier.


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